Monday, May 11, 2009

The Painted Cookie & Polka Dot Birthday FAVOR GIVEAWAY

Free cookie giveaway brought to you by Polka Dot Birthday and The Painted Cookie. Sally has MANY unique birthday items and ideas to offer on her site. From clothing to the CUTEST cake toppers.
You MUST visit her site today!!!


MOM OF 2 said...

Your cookies are AWESOME. Looks like you can make anything. I would love to win the prize listed on Polka Dot Birthday. My daughter is having a pool party on 6/13. She was 10 in April, but because we were in the process of moving she was ever so gracious to allow us to hold of her party for 2 months. I have made the ribbon flip flops that Polka Dot mom had as a suggestion for party favors. we are super psyched!

AngieP said...

Thank You!

Did you also leave a post on the Polka dOT Birthday Blog?

I wish you much luck on winning the COOKIES!!!

Angie Panter
The Painted Cookie